Saturday, October 22, 2016

Weekend Roundup

20 miles last weekend, 18 miles today and 8 tomorrow for a total of 26 for the weekend and then beginning to taper next week! It hasn't flown by but I can't believe that it's here already either!

If you can't tell from the lack of blogging, life has been crazy! Between coaching, flag football, teaching (end of the quarter), my evaluation year and just plain ol life, some days I feel like I'm just trying to catch my breath. I'm beginning to look forward to after the marathon ;)

I'm really trying to focus on what I am thankful for and remembering that I am enough. Otherwise, it's much too easy to overwhelmed. 

I was able to skip work and go with the youngest on his field trip last week. It was a blast and I managed to wrangle 4th graders all day with ease! We agreed that our favorite was the big cats!

Yesterday, I was so pumped to find this at our local grocery store! Now what to make with it?

And it wouldn't be fall without pumpkin stuff! 

Also, the Glade pumpkin candle smells amazing!

What's your favorite pumpkin something?

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