Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tangent Tuesday

Good news, the foot felt pretty darn good during my long run! It didn't bother me until mile 15.5, so I stretched it out real good and I was able to make it the final 2.5 miles home! 

We took the littles to Fright Fest at Magic Mountain and they had a blast. I was worried about Lukey Bear but he did awesome. He's not up for roller coasters yet, but we’ll work on that! 

Sunday was a “I'm not moving off the couch day,” and it felt great! Monday was back to normal with an easy 4 miles before work and another 3.5 of repeats with my team in the afternoon.

Eek! Less than 6 weeks until our marathon! I have a ½ marathon this weekend in Long Beach so I’m hoping that'll give me a good prediction of what to expect for the full. I'm so looking forward to nice cool fall weather!

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