Saturday, October 29, 2016

Simply Saturday

My XC team did our annual run to the next city over (9.5 miles) and have milkshakes! 

The hubs joined me this year :)

Running 9.5 miles at 3pm is a lot different than at 5am! We both felt like we needed a rest day on Friday!

I met up with my mama for nails and had everyone over for the annual smoked tri tip dinner that our school makes.

We took the kids to our church’s harvest festival and then turned around to leave because it was straight up nutso! We took the kids to Ritead to trick or treat there instead!

Today is our district’s obstacle course so we will run in the afternoon instead and then 13 miles (with hills) is on the docket for tomorrow. It's actually part of our race course so that's exciting!

My mom brought over pomegranates and my kids have never had them before so we had to break them open and dig out seeds this morning! They were super delicious in my oatmeal! 
It looks like it tried to attack me! 

Happy Caturday! 

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