Saturday, October 29, 2016

Simply Saturday

My XC team did our annual run to the next city over (9.5 miles) and have milkshakes! 

The hubs joined me this year :)

Running 9.5 miles at 3pm is a lot different than at 5am! We both felt like we needed a rest day on Friday!

I met up with my mama for nails and had everyone over for the annual smoked tri tip dinner that our school makes.

We took the kids to our church’s harvest festival and then turned around to leave because it was straight up nutso! We took the kids to Ritead to trick or treat there instead!

Today is our district’s obstacle course so we will run in the afternoon instead and then 13 miles (with hills) is on the docket for tomorrow. It's actually part of our race course so that's exciting!

My mom brought over pomegranates and my kids have never had them before so we had to break them open and dig out seeds this morning! They were super delicious in my oatmeal! 
It looks like it tried to attack me! 

Happy Caturday! 

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tangent Tuesday

My body felt like it was going to fall apart on Sunday. Not really, but I don't remember the last time I was that tired! The hubs felt the same way. Then I looked at my mileage for the week: 60 miles. Apparently that's enough for my body! 

Hey, at least I got up and ran Sunday morning but then it was straight back to bed and nothing but laziness and meal prepping for the rest of the day. 

Monday was hills with the XC team. I set out to do 4 hill repeats and ended up doing 7, not because felt good. My legs were jello! But I knew I had it in me and I'm glad I got it done. We had 2 kids decide to do 12 repeats, just because they want to get faster. I love their strength and spirit!
My girls had the best compliment as I was running up the hill for the 6th time, “Mrs. Mooney, you look so strong!” I'll take that one!

Last night was finished with Gouda and mushroom grilled cheese sandwiches and fajita veggies! Yummo! 

I had to drag myself out of bed this morning for an easy 6 miler, but there's nothing like having it done by 6am.

Today, I am setting up an obstacle course run for the XC kids. And then pizza for my sis-in-love’s bday tonight! 

Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Weekend Roundup

20 miles last weekend, 18 miles today and 8 tomorrow for a total of 26 for the weekend and then beginning to taper next week! It hasn't flown by but I can't believe that it's here already either!

If you can't tell from the lack of blogging, life has been crazy! Between coaching, flag football, teaching (end of the quarter), my evaluation year and just plain ol life, some days I feel like I'm just trying to catch my breath. I'm beginning to look forward to after the marathon ;)

I'm really trying to focus on what I am thankful for and remembering that I am enough. Otherwise, it's much too easy to overwhelmed. 

I was able to skip work and go with the youngest on his field trip last week. It was a blast and I managed to wrangle 4th graders all day with ease! We agreed that our favorite was the big cats!

Yesterday, I was so pumped to find this at our local grocery store! Now what to make with it?

And it wouldn't be fall without pumpkin stuff! 

Also, the Glade pumpkin candle smells amazing!

What's your favorite pumpkin something?

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Race Update

Last week was a full running week! I was at about 45 miles, which my body seems to really like. I didn't taper at all this week before my half so that I could use it as a training run. I managed a 142:43 official time and I came in 7th out of 888 for my age group! I was pretty pumped about that. 

The good, the bad, and the ugly. We drove down to Long Beach the day before and had dinner with a friend and checked out Signal Hill. We could even see downtown LA, it was beautiful! 
We called it for an early night and headed to bed around 9pm. Then a mass of little kids decided to play tag in the courtyard outside our room at midnight. 2 phone calls to the front desk and it stopped. I woke up before my alarm at 5am and headed to the lobby to check out the shuttle situation and get coffee. We caught the shuttle by 6am and were near the start line by 6:15, so it gave us time to walk around and use the porta potties a couple of times. 

The gun went off at 7:30 and it was about 68 degrees with 45% humidity. I was a little worried about the heat and decided to go for positive splits rather than negative ones because it was only going to get hotter. 

My stomach and my foot felt fantastic! I stopped once for the restroom and walked through the last 3 water stations. I wish I would have ran with my Camelbak because all I could think about was water. 

Overall, I enjoyed the race and I'm glad I kept my eyes on people around me to pace me. And this guy PR'd at 1:43!!!

And now I get ready for the marathon. I have an 8 miler after work in the heat today and a 20 miler this Sunday!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tangent Tuesday

Good news, the foot felt pretty darn good during my long run! It didn't bother me until mile 15.5, so I stretched it out real good and I was able to make it the final 2.5 miles home! 

We took the littles to Fright Fest at Magic Mountain and they had a blast. I was worried about Lukey Bear but he did awesome. He's not up for roller coasters yet, but we’ll work on that! 

Sunday was a “I'm not moving off the couch day,” and it felt great! Monday was back to normal with an easy 4 miles before work and another 3.5 of repeats with my team in the afternoon.

Eek! Less than 6 weeks until our marathon! I have a ½ marathon this weekend in Long Beach so I’m hoping that'll give me a good prediction of what to expect for the full. I'm so looking forward to nice cool fall weather!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Wild Friday Nights!

My run week has gone much better than expected! I think I've nailed down the culprit of my sore foot, new shoes! I've actually worn them for a few times and I did my 16 mile run in them. I put them on for morning XC practice and even though my foot felt good, the shoe started to hurt my foot right away, so now they belong to my daughter! How is my 12 year old wearing my shoes?

In other news, you're welcome. This stuff is amazing.

I decided I'm not going to eat any processed sugar before my half marathon next weekend. It always jacks up my stomach, so I'm going to try this out and see how my body responds. In the meantime, I'm craving watermelon, grapes, and roasted veggies (every day!) 

We’ve been sort of meal prepping. The hubs usually smokes chicken on Mondays and then we eat leftovers for lunch pretty much every day. This week is more planned out. Roasted chicken (Costco because they are huge!), homemade broccoli salad with cashews, raisins, and a lite Asian dressing, and roasted veggies. 

Friday was spent at the chiropractor (he adjusted both of my feet!), grocery shopping, eating at Costco (½ Asian wrap & ½ chicken Caesar salad with no dressing/cheese/croutons), and watching Stranger Things with my littles. No one woke up with nightmares! The cat liked it too!

Today’s agenda: 18 mile looped course, flag football at 2 different parks for both boys, naps, and Magic Mountain Fright Fest tonight! I talked my youngest one into going, which is a miracle in itself! Wish us luck :)