Saturday, September 24, 2016

Suddenly Saturday

This month is seriously flying by! Between coaching, teaching, wife-ing, mom-ing, and marathon training, it's been crazy busy!

There's been a Carrie Underwood concert, a fall, some tendon issues, a few medals for my runners, some good reports from my kids’ teachers, lots of morning practices, and football games.

Now I'm just trying to baby the foot and get it healthy! I made an appt with the podiatrist but he can't see me until 10/18, so hopefully by then I'm as good as new and can cancel the appt!

I managed 29 miles this week and an hour of pool running.

I managed 10 this morning before the kiddos got up.

I have 8-10 on the agenda for Sunday morning depending on how the foot is holding up. I'm currently using a ten’s unit to run some electricity through it. Hopefully it'll over stimulate that messy tendon. I also had a massage today and he worked on trying to align my hips because they were wacky. I about flew off the table when he massaged my IT bands. My biggest goal is to try and stay as healthy as possible for the ½ in two weeks and the full in 7!
Happy Saturday and fall y'all!

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