Monday, September 26, 2016

Monday Matters

Mondays are actually one of my favorite days. It’s like a magical reset button and I get to choose how my week will go. Yesterday was a tough day for me because my foot is giving me issues and I have a half marathon scheduled in 2 weeks and a full marathon in 7 weeks. The longest I’ve ran for this training cycle is 16 miles. Saturday felt eh, but about 5 miles into the run yesterday my foot felt like it was on fire. Yesterday was filled with worry and sadness as I don’t want my training to go down the train.

However, on my way to work this morning I thought of a friend who is training for the same marathon and his achilles was pretty swollen about 3 weeks ago and he did an 18 mile training run this weekend, so I know there is hope. In the meantime, I don’t plan on running today or tomorrow, I would like to try on Wednesday depending on how the foot is holding up. I am also icing and elevating every chance I get. 

I know that not running is not the worst thing that could happen. I can focus on my diet and strength training, both of which I’ve lost a little bit of sight on while marathon training. I also have an awesome bike that I can use to bike alongside my xc team. I have so many things to be grateful for, including my health. I am still able to do many things outside of running.

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