Sunday, September 11, 2016

A few random things

Last Sunday we ran 15 miles at the beach. It was amazing!
We came home Monday and ran hills with the team. 
The kids each did 2 repeats for a total of a mile. I did 8 + 1 to check the distance and hubs did 9 so he could push the straggling kiddos!

Then off to a conference.
7 treadmill miles because that's what was available :)

Wednesday was hills and another xc meet. 
Thursday was something else! It was our team long run day and it was 97 degrees. I barely made it. It was horrible. Maybe my worst run ever. Like overheating, tummy, I cannot do this issues. I tried to stretch afterwards and when I went to bear weight on my right foot, it refused. So, I called my coach/shoe guy and he hit me up with some exercises so I took Friday off and Saturday (sort of) because the kiddos had another race at the beach and I'm sure I ran at least 4 miles trying to cheer them on at several different spots. The sand killed them but it was an awesome, fun, bonding day! 
And I took Mady girl with me because I hadn't seen her face all week and I needed some major girl time!
12 slow miles this morning followed by this, naps, and football! I love when 12 miles feels easy. Whew!

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