Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Whatever Wednesday

I have had two crazy run experiences this week! First, on Monday a giant rat decided to run alongside me for about a quarter of a block. It was pitch black outside but that sucker was large enough that I definitely saw it!

Then this morning, I was running with the hubs and our running friend/coach and I tripped/rolled my ankle. The bad news is that I rolled my ankle, the good news is that it was on my good ankle and I hopped up with no scraps/bruises. 

Whew, that was a close call. I was just talking about how it’s been a long time since I have fallen. Boo! I jinxed myself.

This is/has been a super crazy week for us. We’re in our 2nd week back to school, so that’s Luke in 4th grade, Braden in 6th grade, Mady in 7th grade, the hubs beginning his 14th year of teaching, and me starting my 5th year of teaching. How did this happen? I remember the hubs starting his first job at barely 22 teaching 18 year olds.

And I swear that Mady girl started kinder just last week. 

Everyone says how fast time flies by, but I didn’t truly understand it until I had kiddos. So, back to school night on Tuesday for the boys, AWANA is starting up on Wednesday for the boys, and a junior high (what?!) program for Mady, Thursday is our back to school night, Friday is a tailgate party at our high school that we are setting up. Whew. Saturday is our hill run and then off to the beach we go (thank goodness!). Not to mention that we are working out 3 mornings during the workweek and I’m coaching/running each afternoon. Is it summer yet? Haha, I kid. This is all fun stuff!

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