Sunday, August 14, 2016

School Ready

To say this last week has been weird would be an understatement. Last week I ran 46 miles, this week was 21
Thankfully, one of those was fast and one was hills. My body truly needed rest this week. Tuesday I slept in until 9:30. Normally sleeping in is 7:30. 

I know getting back into a schedule will help, but right now it's about finding a new norm. 

Mady and I got our hair done on this week 
And we took Grammy to get our nails done 
And then my big sis and niece came in from Canada. My heart is so full having my family all together. I can go months without talking to my sis but as soon as we're together, we don't skip a beat at all. 

Today is my dad's memorial and I am looking forward to getting over that. I feel comfortable sharing my grief with those closest to me, but it feels so strange to share it with others. 

The hubs and I are taking tomorrow off of work to help with family stuff and then we are back at it on Tuesday and will have students on Wednesday. 

The running plan this week is:
Mon: 10
Tues: 5
Wed: 5 hills
Thurs: 8-9
Fri: speed
Sat: 14-15
Sun: 4-5 or rest

Happy Sunday! 

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