Monday, August 29, 2016

Monday Matters

To run on a sprained ankle or not? I chose to run on it this morning, more to test it out than anything else. It felt a little weak but it wasn’t painful so that’s awesome! I’ve also been icing and the sweet hubs brought me a bag of ice during lunch so I could put it on my foot. He’s definitely a keeper :)

We got 8 miles in this morning with a 2 x 1 mile at medium speed with a 200 yard recovery in between. Overall, we hit an 8:45 pace, which isn’t terrible, but also isn’t quite my normal. 3 of my miles were at 8:20 or below, which was great. However, my first 3 were over 9:00. I guess slowing down will just have to be part of my recovery.

The best part about the morning was 8 miles and a load of laundry all done before the sun came up!

Here’s my view after my run. 

As much as I dislike running in the dark, it has its advantages sometimes (more so when I can see where I am going!).

Happy running!

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