Monday, August 8, 2016

46 miles, a rash, and friends

I woke up with a rash on Thursday, July 28. I originally thought it was something that would simply go away (maybe heat rash) but it progressively got worse so I went to urgent care that Saturday and got a shot of Benadryl, a steroid, and then an Rx for both. 
My BFF and her family arrived on Saturday morning. And lo and behold she developed a rash the following week! I think we finally have it narrowed down to a particular sun screen, so after a 2nd visit to the doctor and another steroid shot, cream, and Rx it's finally feeling much better! So no sun or lotions until this stuff is done!!

We've had a fun week! Dinners, movies, water park, and lots of swimming. Today is our last day with them before they head home and it's so bitter sweet.

We managed to squeeze in our runs super early so that we could be back to cook breakfast and hang out. 

And now I'm typing up this blog at 5:14 because I can't sleep. I think I'm sad about them leaving and maybe a little hyped up on a steroid and cream...

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