Monday, July 18, 2016

Vacation Edition

Whew! This has been a busy summer! We were home for about a week and then off again to Lake Tahoe. We went with 3 other families and brought my mom in love.
We stayed about 4 miles from the lake up the hill and had the best view ever!
That's the lake and snow covered mountains behind us!!

We filled our week with beach time, river rafting, walks, arcades, ice cream, and some running sprinkled in. 
Running Update: 38.5 mi total for the week. Most of these, except for 2, were done on the treadmill. Between the hills (mountains) and elevation (7400 ft!), the treadmill won out. We did one hill day and our long run (12 mi) outside. For our long run we started out at our hotel and ran down the mountain which was just over 3 miles and then we found an awesome bike path and finished out our run there.

I'm so thankful and ready to be home. Happy Monday!

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