Monday, July 25, 2016

Monday Matters

Happy Monday! I did not manage to get my long run in on Saturday. My body was just not feeling it, so Sunday morning we crushed it!
We saw a drunk kid on a bike and he couldn't manage to get his tire out of the gutter and this was at about 6:30am. We also saw a kiddo chasing Pokemon at 6:45. It was a pretty fun morning minus the 80 degree weather! Crazy. I planned a route with about 3 water stops and the hubs was still pretty dehydrated by the time we finished. I also took hydrating well like it was my job on Saturday, so maybe that's why it was easier on me..? I ordered two Camelbaks that should be here today, yay!

After running, I ate all the food :) 
Blueberry Kodiak cakes and egg whites with sugar free syrup :) Yummo!

After breakfast we headed to LA Racing so that my mom could drive a race car (now she can cross that off her bucket list!) and we watched several firefighter planes trying to fight a wild fire, so sad and scary.

My mama
Running this week will look something like this (plus a rest day worked in!)

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