Friday, July 22, 2016

Getting Back To It!

I don't know how I managed 38.5 miles last week because as of today I'm at 20.5 and most of those have been slogged out! I think I'm officially on vacation hangover. Ha. I plan on 5 easy miles today and then 13 tomorrow, so that'll put me at the same mileage as last week if everything goes accordingly 😋
I was able to upload our rafting pics from Tahoe!
This was definitely a vacation topper! 

At least my eating is semi back to normal since we are home :) Lots of trash salads
Trash salads are when I add anything and everything from the fridge. My fav!

We took the kids to the water park yesterday, and it was such a fun day! I love when it's something that all of us enjoy doing!
It was 103 degrees, so we pretty much only got out of the water for lunch and dinner :-/

Today is a going thru closets to figure out what still fits so we can go clothes shopping for the kiddos kind of a day. Plus 5 dreadmill miles and some strength training.

Happy Friday!

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