Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Day 14/15: Missed connection

After getting off the plane in London, and waiting in a line for about 2 hours we rebooked a flight for the next day at 4:10 and then spent the next 2 hours getting through customs and headed to our hotel that the airline put us up in. After not eating for 12 hours, we were famished! The food was cafeteria style British food, which was interesting to say the least. But I found 2 things I liked! Chicken with mushrooms and a caramel pie! 

Unfortunately our luggage was still at the airport, but I did have my makeup bag and toothbrush! How ironic that we were so careful about packing an extra outfit in our carry on on the way there but on the way home we were only worried about making sure the weight was distributed correctly so that we wouldn't have to pay extra for our luggage, so we ended up with sweaty workout clothes in our carryon :(

During breakfast we decided to ask about hiring a taxi for a quick tour of the city. Downtown London is about 45 minutes away from Heathrow with okay traffic. We decided to go for it! We made it to every major site and back to the airport in plenty of time! 
We got to the airport 6 hours before our flight so we had a yummy lunch and walked around. The terminal was like a shopping mall!
Our flight only left an hour late and we made it into LAX at 8pm and to our car at 9pm and into my bed by midnight! Ah! It feels so good to be on US soil! Now, we rest and repack for Lake Tahoe next week!

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