Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Day 13: Barcelona, Spain

We got off our ship and dropped our bags off at about 9 am and then headed out on the town. Our hotel was on La Ramblas, which is a busy part of the city but not much was happening at 9am, so we walked. 
We found a yummy Cappucino, which you pay more for to stay and drink instead of take it with you ;) 
We opted to do the hop on/hop off bus since we were only there for a day and wanted to see as much as possible. 
They've been working on this church since the 1800's! It was amazing! And this cathedral is up on a hill and was magnificent!
We had to try tapas, paella, and sangria!
We also hit the beach but I literally felt like I was going to step on a person if I moved wrong because there were so many people!
So we headed back for a quick shower and we finished off the night with one last gelato and empanadas.

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