Monday, July 25, 2016

Monday Matters

Happy Monday! I did not manage to get my long run in on Saturday. My body was just not feeling it, so Sunday morning we crushed it!
We saw a drunk kid on a bike and he couldn't manage to get his tire out of the gutter and this was at about 6:30am. We also saw a kiddo chasing Pokemon at 6:45. It was a pretty fun morning minus the 80 degree weather! Crazy. I planned a route with about 3 water stops and the hubs was still pretty dehydrated by the time we finished. I also took hydrating well like it was my job on Saturday, so maybe that's why it was easier on me..? I ordered two Camelbaks that should be here today, yay!

After running, I ate all the food :) 
Blueberry Kodiak cakes and egg whites with sugar free syrup :) Yummo!

After breakfast we headed to LA Racing so that my mom could drive a race car (now she can cross that off her bucket list!) and we watched several firefighter planes trying to fight a wild fire, so sad and scary.

My mama
Running this week will look something like this (plus a rest day worked in!)

Friday, July 22, 2016

Getting Back To It!

I don't know how I managed 38.5 miles last week because as of today I'm at 20.5 and most of those have been slogged out! I think I'm officially on vacation hangover. Ha. I plan on 5 easy miles today and then 13 tomorrow, so that'll put me at the same mileage as last week if everything goes accordingly 😋
I was able to upload our rafting pics from Tahoe!
This was definitely a vacation topper! 

At least my eating is semi back to normal since we are home :) Lots of trash salads
Trash salads are when I add anything and everything from the fridge. My fav!

We took the kids to the water park yesterday, and it was such a fun day! I love when it's something that all of us enjoy doing!
It was 103 degrees, so we pretty much only got out of the water for lunch and dinner :-/

Today is a going thru closets to figure out what still fits so we can go clothes shopping for the kiddos kind of a day. Plus 5 dreadmill miles and some strength training.

Happy Friday!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Vacation Edition

Whew! This has been a busy summer! We were home for about a week and then off again to Lake Tahoe. We went with 3 other families and brought my mom in love.
We stayed about 4 miles from the lake up the hill and had the best view ever!
That's the lake and snow covered mountains behind us!!

We filled our week with beach time, river rafting, walks, arcades, ice cream, and some running sprinkled in. 
Running Update: 38.5 mi total for the week. Most of these, except for 2, were done on the treadmill. Between the hills (mountains) and elevation (7400 ft!), the treadmill won out. We did one hill day and our long run (12 mi) outside. For our long run we started out at our hotel and ran down the mountain which was just over 3 miles and then we found an awesome bike path and finished out our run there.

I'm so thankful and ready to be home. Happy Monday!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

11 miles and another vacation

We got our new treadmill this week!!
It took about 3 hours to put together. Did I tell you my hubs is awesome?? It has 2 fans. And speakers. I'm in love!

In puppy news, the pug got her teeth cleaned, an ear treatment (ear infections every single time!), and her nails trimmed. She was a little drunk when we got her home.
She is seriously the sweetest dog on this earth.

Vacation running was a little all over the place. I managed a 10 and an 8 mile treadmill run and a few other short ones here and there and we walked on the upwards of 10 miles a day while on our shore excursions. Yesterday, we did about 4 miles worth of hills with the sunrise and today was 11 easy miles.
It actually felt pretty glorious to run my normal boring trek. It feels so good to be home.

On that note, we are packing for Tahoe today! This will be a little different as we are going with friends and my sister and mom in love. I'm definitely looking forward to filling up my family/love tank this week.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Day 14/15: Missed connection

After getting off the plane in London, and waiting in a line for about 2 hours we rebooked a flight for the next day at 4:10 and then spent the next 2 hours getting through customs and headed to our hotel that the airline put us up in. After not eating for 12 hours, we were famished! The food was cafeteria style British food, which was interesting to say the least. But I found 2 things I liked! Chicken with mushrooms and a caramel pie! 

Unfortunately our luggage was still at the airport, but I did have my makeup bag and toothbrush! How ironic that we were so careful about packing an extra outfit in our carry on on the way there but on the way home we were only worried about making sure the weight was distributed correctly so that we wouldn't have to pay extra for our luggage, so we ended up with sweaty workout clothes in our carryon :(

During breakfast we decided to ask about hiring a taxi for a quick tour of the city. Downtown London is about 45 minutes away from Heathrow with okay traffic. We decided to go for it! We made it to every major site and back to the airport in plenty of time! 
We got to the airport 6 hours before our flight so we had a yummy lunch and walked around. The terminal was like a shopping mall!
Our flight only left an hour late and we made it into LAX at 8pm and to our car at 9pm and into my bed by midnight! Ah! It feels so good to be on US soil! Now, we rest and repack for Lake Tahoe next week!

Day 14: Spain and a missed flight

We began the day with a 4 mile run along the beach
To say the sunrise was beautiful would be an understatement
There were so many people out at 6am! Apparently Barcelona really doesn't sleep! 

After a quick shower and bite to eat (and horrible coffee!) we headed to the airport. Europe has two kinds of coffee: espresso or instant. Whew! I am so looking forward to filtered coffee! We made it through security just fine and got on the plane. Unfortunately there was an extra bag and it took them a while to find it and remove it from the plane. Then France, becaus wig a labor strike wouldn't give us flight clearance forcing us to sit on the plane for 2 1/2 hours before take off and causing us to miss our connection in London. 

Day 13: Barcelona, Spain

We got off our ship and dropped our bags off at about 9 am and then headed out on the town. Our hotel was on La Ramblas, which is a busy part of the city but not much was happening at 9am, so we walked. 
We found a yummy Cappucino, which you pay more for to stay and drink instead of take it with you ;) 
We opted to do the hop on/hop off bus since we were only there for a day and wanted to see as much as possible. 
They've been working on this church since the 1800's! It was amazing! And this cathedral is up on a hill and was magnificent!
We had to try tapas, paella, and sangria!
We also hit the beach but I literally felt like I was going to step on a person if I moved wrong because there were so many people!
So we headed back for a quick shower and we finished off the night with one last gelato and empanadas.

Day 12: Marseilles, France

We decided to grab a taxi into town and walk around, find a macaron and a chocolate croissant, and also to search for a Starbucks so that we could get our souvenir mug.

Downtown near the waterfront was beautiful and there were lots of bakeries and fun shops. 

We immediately heard a group of guys singing and clapping and headed towards them. They were getting themselves pumped up for the fùtbol game later that day.

We found a bakery and the chocolate macaron was pretty awesome! 

After getting a little turned around, we found our mug and headed back to the ship and just laid around and relaxed for the rest of the day, which was much needed! 

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Day 11: Livorno, Florence

Again, we started the day with a drive into Florence. Today we decided to skip the tour guide and just walk our way through the city. We ate at an amazing little trattoria and had bruschetta, stuffed shells (with cheese, pear, and truffles) and shared tiramisu.
We basically just walked around and explored the city for 5 hours.

Day 8: Messina, Italy

I started the day with a 6 mile run/strength and this view
Since we got stuck on the bus yesterday, we decided to explore the city by foot. Unfortunately, a lot of shops were closed because it was a Sunday. We ran into a group of people that were looking for the train station to take them to Taormina, which is a shopping village overlooking the coast. We helped them find their way and asked if we could join them. We made it to the train station, but they only had afternoon trains, so we found a taxi for 25 euro each and we joined their party. 8 of us headed to Taormina. The funny thing is that all but one person was in the education field. Once we got to Taormina, we kind of split up except for us and Donna and Ronnie. We were on the hunt for wine tasting. We didn't find wine tasting there, but we did find gelato (I had tiramisu) and then we found a little restaurant overlooking the coast and we had pizza. 

The city:
The view:
Narrow alleyway:

The restaurant:
The pizza:
After lunch we headed back to the port, but we really wanted to try some local wine and there happened to be a little shop across from the port. The adorable waiter was extremely helpful and we had a glass of wine, olives, and people watched for a bit. We left with 3 bottles of wine and he even talked me into a white which I don't normally like, but this stuff was amazing.