Friday, June 3, 2016

Last day of school!!

I'm celebrating by getting sick :( Boo! Mady is down for the count and we literally drug her out of bed @ noon today. My sinuses felt a little eh this morning so I took some immunity shot. I'll use this 6 times today and probably tomorrow and pray!
Graduation was last night. 102 y'all. 1-0-freaking 2!! Once the sun went down, it was bearable but while standing when the graduates were walking in, I had so much sweat dripping down my body that it felt like I was peeing. Ick.
I only had one class today so I was home by 10am! Therefore, I decided to hit up the treadmill for my run. I caught up on RHONY and some Flip or Flop and managed to go 7.2 miles before my treadmill decided to completely short out on me during some strides. Eek. I reset the breaker and finished another 3, but kept my strides at 9mph instead of 9.3. It does this to the hubs all the time. I guess it's truly time to shop for a new treadmill. I have sort of grown personally attached to this one though.
10 sweaty treadmill miles = boob sweat and chafing. Fun.

After showering for the 2nd time today, I am on my way to get this 
Tomorrow will be spent doing a long run bright and early because it's supposed to be 108!! Eek.

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