Monday, June 20, 2016

Day 2: Athens

The day started with very strange sleep. It's like my body only wants to sleep in bursts, like tonight for example. Pure exhaustion at 8pm, sleep until midnight then awake until 2, sleep until 3:30, etc. 

Anyway, breakfast was a protein bar on the run as we were heading back to the acropolis so that we could explore Ancient Agora and the Temple of Zues. 
We were on the hunt for drip coffee; there are coffee shops everywhere but they only serve espresso, Cappucino, or instant coffee. I've never been happier to find a Starbucks (and it was 3 stories tall!)

I've never seen so many bakeries, gelato places, and coffee shops. Gelato is beautiful! I had peanut butter today with huge chunks of pb cups served in a waffle cone.

Next, we headed to Hadrian's Library and Agora.
This was taken in the Holy Apostles Church in Agora. I can't believe that we could walk through it! 

We also went into the Acropolis Museum and for 3 euro, it was worth it for the views and air conditioning! 
Next was the Temple of Zues
Then back into the city for Greek Pizza and shopping. 

Then wine tasting and people watching for a bit 
Our bakery finds
We picked up a spinach cheese pie for the hubs to take back for dinner and after walking around for a bit by our hotel decided to stop in and get tzatziki, fresh pita, and roasted veggies to share. 
This meal made me very happy, even the roasted egg plant which I usually don't like :)

Day 3, we check into our cruise!

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