Sunday, May 22, 2016

Ah :)

It was a much better, healthier, happier week around our household. 

My main goal this week was balance and eating lots of veggies and protein! 

My fav breakfasts have been cinnamon roll oatmeal and veggie/egg white scramble.
And like I said, balance. 1/2 of my fav Heath bar cupcake from the best bakery ever = amazeballs.
I am planning to run a marathon in 25 weeks so I am working on a solid base layer and was supposed to run 8 slow miles Saturday morning and woke up with a horrific stomachache so that got cut. Before, I probably would have just suffered through it but I'm really trying to listen to my body and yesterday, it said no. 

The hubs and I ran a black light (supposed to be 5k) run with my xc kids last night. It ended up being 2.12 miles and I couldn't have been more thankful because my tummy was not cooperating. But it was fun nonetheless.
We decided to head out for a 6 miler this morning and I was feeling well enough for a 7 miler. We went nice and slow, had to hit the restroom once but the sunshine was speaking to me so we kept at it!

Now it's pool time, hubby's baccalaureate speech, and a graduation party. 

Week in running:

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