Saturday, April 23, 2016

Saturday: Cooking Edition

We decided to cook as a family today so Braden was in charge of the Olive Garden Salad, Luke decided on veggie lasagna and breadsticks.
And Mady made Acai bowls with toasted granola, coconut, almonds, banana, and chocolate chips for dessert (yum!) and it all paired amazingly with a Costco Cabernet Sauvignon (for the hubs and I anyway). 

I also threw together a scratch carrot cake in the midst of this. I tweaked my aunt's recipe for a healthier version. Fingers crossed that it tastes super yummy for our family dinner tomorrow night!

This morning was 11 miles 
Hence, eating like a madwoman today! 😜

We will probably have to stream church again tomorrow because now the youngest seems to have the virus that Mady had! Boo!

Happy Weekend y'all!

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