Friday, April 15, 2016

Friyay! Sentence per picture.

The hubs and I split this for dinner and it was awesomesauce!

Signed up for a 10k with my love.

Finally got my hair done!

Everyday I yoga while brushing my teeth.

He's not my cat!

I love new running clothes!

Okay, this one is a little longer. I'm making my aunt's famous carrot cake. I haven't had it since she made it before she passed away in 2012. I get emotional just thinking about it. I miss her every day. I'm making it for my dad's 74th birthday. I almost didn't because we have been so busy lately. My dad isn't in good health and this could very well be his last birthday with us and he wants a carrot cake so I am making him a carrot cake. I'm so thankful that I have the opportunity to serve someone even if it's just in the form of a carrot cake.

On that note, have an unbelievably amazing weekend!!

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