Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Random Survey Blog

**Five Places I’m Dying to Visit
  • Ireland with the hubs. He’s Irish and I would love to explore a castle and an authentic pub!
  • Denmark. My grandfather was Danish and I grew up hearing a lot of cool stories.
  • Texas to see my bestie.
  • Canada with my kiddos because they haven’t been and my big sister lives there!
  • Europe! I know, that’s a lot of countries. I am going on a Mediterranean cruise with the hubs this summer, so I’ll be able to check 5 countries off of my list.
**Five Foods I Eat Every Day (I’m sure you could answer this one for me:)
-Sweet Potatoes
**Five Talents I wish I Had
-I wish I could run really really fast without getting tired.
-I wish I could eat all the food and not gain weight ;)
-I wish I had a great singing voice
-I wish I could be in a great mood all of the time, no matter what.
-I wish that I could regulate my temperature all the time. I’m usually freezing in my classroom and burning up while I run.
***Five Running Quotes I LOVE
-When you get tired, run with your heart and not with your legs.
**Five Things I Wear (almost) Every Day
-Apple watch
–Ray Ban glasses
-My wedding ring
-Bare Minerals makeup
***Five Books On My Current Reading List
-The 5th Wave
-The Bible (I’m on day 270 of reading the bible in a year!)
-Of Mice and Men (I have no idea how I haven’t read this book yet!)
-Tuesdays with Morrie (I’m getting ready to teach this book)
***Five Artists I Listen To On Repeat (I altered this one from songs to artists)
-Ellie Goulding
-Ed Sheeran
-Taylor Swift

***Five Beauty Products I Use Every Day
-Carmex chapstick
-Bare Minerals
-Naked eye palette
***Five TV Series I Can Watch On Repeat
-Gilmore Girls
-New Girl
-Big Bang Theory
***Five Random Things I Ate Yesterday
-A marshmallow
-Starburst gum
-A fresh jalapeno
-chocolate cinnamon gummy bear
-sriracha lime pretzels :)

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