Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

But first, the best news ever!!! I slept 9 hours last night! Whew! I've been having some sleeping issues the last several weeks that I think are related to cleaning up my eating. I have hypothyroidism, so I think cutting back on sugar and gluten has thrown off my hormones and my thyroid. Monday night I slept 3 hours from 8:30-11:30... So I took a nap in my car for an hour yesterday and then forced myself to stay up until 8 pm. I took a hot bath, stretched, and read before bed. I was out by 8:45 and up at 5:45, praise the Lord! 

Okay, now St. Patrick's Day. I opted to take today off as the hubs is out of town and I was really worried about the whole sleep thing so I got up and made green pancakes
They are sort of yellowish ;) And we are having chile verde for dinner
And I'm making a mint chip pie for dessert
Fun stuff!

Now, off to do a quick workout before lunch with my mama. I'm going to savor this day off!

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