Monday, March 7, 2016

Happy Monday!

We sent our Mady girl off to Camp this morning for the whole week!! She's turning 12 on Tuesday so I sent an 11 year old away and I'll get a 12 year old back. Here's the last pic of my sweet 12 year old.
We filled her room with pink balloons and fed her sprinkle Kodiak cakes this morning :)
Week 2 of 1/2 marathon training began with a treadmill run because it was pouring rain this meaning! I managed an 8.14 min/mi. The rest of the week will look like this:
Tuesday: 1 hour of HIIT
Wed: 2.5 mile repeats
Thurs: stretching
Friday: 1 hour strength
Sat: 5 mile long
Sun: stretching

Hopefully my week flies by! I can't wait to have my girl home again!

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