Saturday, March 26, 2016

Happy Almost Easter!

I still haven't figured out the whole sleeping thing since it's currently 2:49am and I'm pretty sure I work up at around 12:30. I'm going to give it 30 more minutes and then it's laundry, coffee, and some bible reading :)

Running: I've been running 3 days a week and then warming up with a run (2-3 miles) another 1-2 days. I'm working hard at taking at least 1 rest day. This week I ran 21 miles, which is the most I've done in a while!
The 7 mile loop by my house is my fav!

We've been on spring break this last week, but there hasn't been a much of a break about it as we've been working on a service project. We did take the kids to the opening day 3D showing of Batman vs Superman and it was awesomesauce! We also snuck in a date to see Divergent last weekend, and that was fun. Different from the book, but fun.
Easter baskets are purchased! We mainly focus on spring/summer fun so they are getting swim suits, googles, flip flops, sun screen, towels, and their favorite box of candy!
Today will mostly be cooking and purchasing a few last minute items like bruschetta and fruit for my fruit tray :)
Peace out ✌🏼 and happy Saturday! 

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