Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Random Survey Blog

**Five Places I’m Dying to Visit
  • Ireland with the hubs. He’s Irish and I would love to explore a castle and an authentic pub!
  • Denmark. My grandfather was Danish and I grew up hearing a lot of cool stories.
  • Texas to see my bestie.
  • Canada with my kiddos because they haven’t been and my big sister lives there!
  • Europe! I know, that’s a lot of countries. I am going on a Mediterranean cruise with the hubs this summer, so I’ll be able to check 5 countries off of my list.
**Five Foods I Eat Every Day (I’m sure you could answer this one for me:)
-Sweet Potatoes
**Five Talents I wish I Had
-I wish I could run really really fast without getting tired.
-I wish I could eat all the food and not gain weight ;)
-I wish I had a great singing voice
-I wish I could be in a great mood all of the time, no matter what.
-I wish that I could regulate my temperature all the time. I’m usually freezing in my classroom and burning up while I run.
***Five Running Quotes I LOVE
-When you get tired, run with your heart and not with your legs.
**Five Things I Wear (almost) Every Day
-Apple watch
–Ray Ban glasses
-My wedding ring
-Bare Minerals makeup
***Five Books On My Current Reading List
-The 5th Wave
-The Bible (I’m on day 270 of reading the bible in a year!)
-Of Mice and Men (I have no idea how I haven’t read this book yet!)
-Tuesdays with Morrie (I’m getting ready to teach this book)
***Five Artists I Listen To On Repeat (I altered this one from songs to artists)
-Ellie Goulding
-Ed Sheeran
-Taylor Swift

***Five Beauty Products I Use Every Day
-Carmex chapstick
-Bare Minerals
-Naked eye palette
***Five TV Series I Can Watch On Repeat
-Gilmore Girls
-New Girl
-Big Bang Theory
***Five Random Things I Ate Yesterday
-A marshmallow
-Starburst gum
-A fresh jalapeno
-chocolate cinnamon gummy bear
-sriracha lime pretzels :)

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Happy Almost Easter!

I still haven't figured out the whole sleeping thing since it's currently 2:49am and I'm pretty sure I work up at around 12:30. I'm going to give it 30 more minutes and then it's laundry, coffee, and some bible reading :)

Running: I've been running 3 days a week and then warming up with a run (2-3 miles) another 1-2 days. I'm working hard at taking at least 1 rest day. This week I ran 21 miles, which is the most I've done in a while!
The 7 mile loop by my house is my fav!

We've been on spring break this last week, but there hasn't been a much of a break about it as we've been working on a service project. We did take the kids to the opening day 3D showing of Batman vs Superman and it was awesomesauce! We also snuck in a date to see Divergent last weekend, and that was fun. Different from the book, but fun.
Easter baskets are purchased! We mainly focus on spring/summer fun so they are getting swim suits, googles, flip flops, sun screen, towels, and their favorite box of candy!
Today will mostly be cooking and purchasing a few last minute items like bruschetta and fruit for my fruit tray :)
Peace out ✌🏼 and happy Saturday! 

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

But first, the best news ever!!! I slept 9 hours last night! Whew! I've been having some sleeping issues the last several weeks that I think are related to cleaning up my eating. I have hypothyroidism, so I think cutting back on sugar and gluten has thrown off my hormones and my thyroid. Monday night I slept 3 hours from 8:30-11:30... So I took a nap in my car for an hour yesterday and then forced myself to stay up until 8 pm. I took a hot bath, stretched, and read before bed. I was out by 8:45 and up at 5:45, praise the Lord! 

Okay, now St. Patrick's Day. I opted to take today off as the hubs is out of town and I was really worried about the whole sleep thing so I got up and made green pancakes
They are sort of yellowish ;) And we are having chile verde for dinner
And I'm making a mint chip pie for dessert
Fun stuff!

Now, off to do a quick workout before lunch with my mama. I'm going to savor this day off!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

At what point??

Eating has been on point over the last 4 weeks. I haven't even had ice cream!! Though I've splurged on fat free frozen yogurt with sprinkles for Mady's bday and date night with my boys. My typical breakfast is egg whites and some kind of veggie with sriarcha or a protein shake with frozen bananas and chia seeds.
Lunches consist of a lean protein, broccoli and a 1/2 yam. 
I already ate the broccoli :) 

Snacks are usually baby carrots, an apple, or a Greek yogurt. Dinner is whatever I am serving the kids, but a smaller portion and I make sure that my plate is 3/4 full of veggies. And I've been drinking LOTS of water! As a matter of fact, I just got this
And I'm totally in love! I figure it'll be great for our summer travels :)

So, I've struggled with a bit of insomnia in the past. Usually it's connected to stress (like moving). I'm not sure what the deal is, I have no trouble going to sleep but wake around 11:30 and then don't go back to sleep. I get a ton of stuff done, like making a packing list for our trip this summer... But at what point do I say forget it and just get up? It's 3:18 right now and my alarm goes off in a hour anyway. Oy. I'm grateful for a fairly easy day at work...

Sunday, March 13, 2016

She's back!!!

Mady got back Friday afternoon!! Yay, our family feels complete again. I don't even want to imagine what my house will feel like without my little peeps around. We celebrated with pizza in the car and s'mores!
And Mady had a daughter/father date to attend so we fixed her up real pretty 
I have been on a shrimp fixation this last week... Grilled Cajun shrimp tacos, shrimp salad, shrimp scramble...
The hubs and I are embarking on our 4th week of meal prepping for lunches. He's down 15 lbs! Crazy. We also ordered 2 cases (80 lbs of chicken!) so I prepped all of that into 31 meals for our family of 5.
I've actually enjoyed cooking more in the last 4 weeks and I think part of that is just having a plan, because that's half the battle. And more than anything, I'm so happy to have little ones around to cook for.

Training was on point this week. We are sticking to running just 3 days/week, xt 2 days and I also lift on 2 of the running days. As long as I run at about a 9 min pace, my shins feel okay; although the hubs said he could see a limp at the end of our 5 mile run. Ugh. It could be so much worse though so I'm just thankful that I'm not in crazy pain.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Happy Monday!

We sent our Mady girl off to Camp this morning for the whole week!! She's turning 12 on Tuesday so I sent an 11 year old away and I'll get a 12 year old back. Here's the last pic of my sweet 12 year old.
We filled her room with pink balloons and fed her sprinkle Kodiak cakes this morning :)
Week 2 of 1/2 marathon training began with a treadmill run because it was pouring rain this meaning! I managed an 8.14 min/mi. The rest of the week will look like this:
Tuesday: 1 hour of HIIT
Wed: 2.5 mile repeats
Thurs: stretching
Friday: 1 hour strength
Sat: 5 mile long
Sun: stretching

Hopefully my week flies by! I can't wait to have my girl home again!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Hubs and I ran/jogged 2 miles on Monday and Wednesday. I did a 30 minute strength warmup those days and we did a 1 hour total body strength session on Tuesday. I'm really hoping that strength training and doing an easy training plan will be exactly what my body needs. We are also adding in a day of stretching and some xt. 

The oldest will be gone at camp for her birthday so we cooked her favs yesterday: lasagna, Caesar salad, French bread and of course ice cream sundaes!
We are also surprising her Monday morning with pink balloons in her bedroom and sprinkle Kodiak cakes and her teacher will be delivering her a card on her actual bday (Tuesday). How do I have an almost 12 year old!?

Does anyone else have a crazy cat that insists on spooning every.single.night?
I am that cat lady. 

Okay, parenting. It's hard. I don't know what I'm doing. I wish there was a specific manual. But there's not. After much prayer God reminded me that my kids are His children and He will guide me always. 
I need to imprint this on my bathroom mirror so that I see it every single day!