Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Still hurting...

I had an X-ray of my tubula and fibula on Friday and my bones are nice and healthy but there was an odd spot on the front of my shin so I am seeing an orthopedist tomorrow. There will definitely be no racing this weekend but I'm super excited to have a friend who can jump in and take my bib. We are still headed to the race since the rooms are paid for for 2 nights! At least it's in a beautiful city that supposed to be in the 70's this weekend! 

Okay, so I'm still walking on the treadmill and I'm hooked on Fitness Blender's YouTube workouts.

OOTD last week :)

I've also decided this time of injury is a really good time to clean up my eating ;) Fun, but I can already feel a difference from cutting out the nightly ice cream. I am seriously addicted to night time snacking so I've currently replaced the ice cream with chai tea and since it's been cold and rainy, it has totally done the trick. 

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