Thursday, February 4, 2016


I finally felt well enough to get an actual run in! I taped it up last night!
I walked the first 5 minutes at 4mph, then jogged the rest of my first mile at 6.5mph, then 6.7mph for the 2nd mile, then 6.9 for the 3rd, then 7.1 for the 4th, 7.2 for the 5th, and 7.3 for the 6th with an overall 9 min/mi pace. Not too shabby!
I've decided that I'll keep my doctor's appt for today as I figured it would be too late to cancel it anyway and I'll see what he thinks about running this weekend and whether he has any tips! Ah! It felt so good to finally run without pain today! There was soreness, but no pain!

Wish me luck!!

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