Friday, January 22, 2016

What to do when running hurts

I did a 7 mile run on Monday, 3 x 1600 @ pace on Tuesday, I took Wednesday off, and Thursday's scheduled run of a 55 min tempo turned into 20 slow minutes because my right shin is so angry!
I've been doing a lot of 
And my run today was actually a walk ;)
I did a faster walk (15:00 pace) for .5 mile, then did some strength training for about 10 min. I repeated this 4 times. The best news is that my shin isn't too mad! I'm currently icing and then following up with heat.

Monday = no school 
Tuesday = Titan Quest (matching shirts and jeans)
Wednesday = repeat from Monday ;)
Thursday = ootd
Friday = work shirt ;)
Easy clothes week! 

Tomorrow the hubs and I are participating in an obstacle course, I'm praying my shin holds up and that I can attempt a run on Sunday morning.

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