Monday, January 4, 2016

Week in Running

Ah, the first week of the New Year!! 

The family and I all wrote out our goals for the year. Luke takes the cake!!
Sweet guy!!

My week in running:
My legs have been fairly tired and sore, and I had to push through the long run this weekend. I actually did it on the treadmill with the hubs sitting next to me watching Making a Muderer (highly recommend!!) and I finished by icing my sore shins 
So far, my goals are going great! I'm debating on a 10k race this weekend (+ a few extra to hit 11 miles). The hubs is officially out of the 2/7 race :( So, after his knee heals up a bit we'll probably go back to Boot Camp since his body tolerates that pretty well.

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  1. I love that list from your son! We made a list of To-Do items while the kids had Christmas break and my daughter, who is 12, listed "Lose teeth"! Not sure if she really wants to get braces (she has been told she needs to lose more teeth in order for that to happen), or she just likes to follow the dentist's suggestions!
    Hope your legs are feeling back to normal soon! Soreness and injuries are no fun!!