Monday, January 18, 2016

Week in Running and a Boo and a Woohoo!

First, my week in running went something like this
I did my long run this week on Sunday and this Saturday, both with friends (yay! bc the treadmill was burning me out!!) Hence, the strange times ;) Sunday we ran to Panera for breakfast and today was to Generals for milkshakes!
Okay, so my boo is that I'm getting shin splints :( I lent my compression sleeves to a preggo friend to help with her swelling so I used the hubs (I wore two on one leg). It doesn't feel too much worse after my long run today.

And my 2nd boo is that the pug has major allergies which has led to a face, eye, and ear infection. $250 and 7 medications later... 
She's already feeling much better (woohoo!)

Now, my woohoo! My fav outfit this week 
And this may have happened today (on clearance!!)
I'm counting the seconds till it's done charging! 


  1. Sorry about those Boos! Love the watch, and that outfit!!

    1. Thanks! I'm hoping this dumb shin heals soon!