Saturday, December 26, 2015

Merry Christmas Running

Our break started with a 49er game
Someone missed us while we were away

Then Star Wars

Gingerbread houses with the cousins 

Then Chinese food with the in-laws for Christmas Eve
And Christmas lunch at our house. I don't know why I become such a stress ball over the holidays, I really had to pray over my mood and anxiety. I find that I run much more when I am stressing. My plan called for 11 miles this week and I'm at 25. Does anyone else do this?

Christmas is officially cleaned up and today is most definitely a rest day! 

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Week in Running

I took 2 rest days this week instead of 1. I needed to catch up on zz's after my traveling adventures :) 
The hubs and I are out of town for a 49ers game so I will be running the next 2 days in Santa Clara! 
Here's to a kid free weekend


I spent my birthday weekend with my two BFFs in Texas. It started by almost not making it in time for our flight, calling Uber from our parking structure, and crying through security. But we made it!!
Friday morning we hit up Cafe Cappucino and got a pancake bigger than my head! Then we headed to Magnolia. We even saw Joanna's mama! 
We hit up a store called Spice and they had several different vendors inside with all kinds of fun stuff and I left with a new Vera Bradley purse and a TX necklace.
Followed by a quick 3 miler through Baylor's campus.
That night we got tacos and queso at Fuegos and walked around downtown and ate some more

Waco is prettier than I expected
Saturday we did a lot of the same and another run through Baylor (7 miles).

Sunday was my big 34!! We spent the day in Austin, which wasn't as pretty as I expected, but we did get the best BBQ ever!
And of course we finished off the bday weekend by splitting cupcakes! Best birthday tradition ever!
Monday was an uneventful 11 hours of traveling home, yay! Now it's time to get ready for Christmas!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Race Results

First, our outfits.
Braden is almost too much!

It was a tough day for little man. He went out too fast and burned out. He still made it in 28:36! Hubs got 3rd at 24:27. His goal was sub 25! 

I managed to hit 2 of my 3 goals! This whole 5k thing is a totally different animal than a 1/2 or a full. I can usually find my comfortable pace within the first 3 miles , but there is no comfortable pace in a 5k. I took a small walk break at about 2.25 miles because I was starting to hyperventilate, so I need to figure out this whole breathing while running fast. Next goal :)

1st and 3rd place for the Mooneys

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Race Nerves

We took our xc team to Six Flags and an end of year celebration. 
They are such a great group of kids! We have 6 graduating and they will be missed deeply, but we are so proud of them! 

I signed the hubs, me, and B Man up for a 5k today. Let's talk goals. My last (and 1st) 5k time was 22:34. My goal today is 22:00, my 2nd goal is no stopping (I blew my nose last time), my 3rd goal is to only have positive thoughts during the race! 

The race is at 2:30 so we have a few hours to figure out a Santa consume and an Elf costume for B! Here's what I'm thinking: