Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Back At It

I did an easy run yesterday, 3.25 @ 8:18. My legs were super heavy, but it felt great to move them! 

Yesterday was extremely hard to push through! 
This sums up how I felt ALL day. I think I'm just lacking sleep from traveling and having a busy weekend. But how cute is my Nike sweatshirt?!

I was able to download my race pics, for free! The bad part was that my bib was pushed to the side so I had to sift through thousands of pictures to find mine. And let's be real, I had to crop all of them because I had major crotch sweat going on. Eww and TMI.

And I may never take off my necklace!
I am doing an ornament craft for A Meaningful Christmas so I am responsible for "Go and Tell." I like the idea of making shepherds out of cupcake liners but I can't imagine making 25 of them, so it might be printouts, wood, and modge podge.
Happy Wednesday!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Nike Women's 1/2

We drove up to San Fran early Saturday morning and made a little detour in Gilroy (they have a Lulu outlet!). Once we got to San Fran, we checked in and went to get our race packets, then we literally ran to dinner a mile away so that we wouldn't miss our dinner reservation. 
Pasta and bread for the win!

Sunday, the alarm was set for 4:50. I like to get up, drink a full glass of water, drink coffee and have a small snack (1/4 of a pb sandwich). Then we headed to the bag check and start line @ 6:00. The gun sounded at 6:30am. It took about 4 minutes to get to the start line.

It was a tough run. My head wasn't quite in the game. Doubts crept in. I didn't feel like myself until mile 5. Then I realized that I could do this. From there on out, it was positive thinking and mantras! 

The course map, along with my gps said we went 13.43 miles, which means I technically ran a 1:44, but who's counting? ;) I also had to make a pit stop (boo!!)

Our view at the finish line! Mile 10 was wicked, but this view from atop the mountain made it worth it. And there were tons of pacers motivating and helping people make it up the hill! 
I am hoping that I have figured out some of my crazy stomach issues. I ate mostly bland food (and pasta) on Saturday and I made sure to hydrate during my run and as soon as I was finished I downed a chocolate milk, banana, and LOTS of water. I am thrilled to say that my tummy did so much better than after my last race. I really think the fueling and hydrating right after made a huge difference.

Then we walked 2.7 miles back to our hotel. Eek.
The finisher's village was awesomesauce and I walked away completely full! 

Then we did a bit more shopping and eating. Thai food for the win and yay to this super cool Nathan water bottle I found! 

Monday, October 12, 2015

Race Weekend

Friday was a stressful day as we had a lockdown at my school, grades were due, and we had someone break into our house. It was a much needed ice cream day!
Seriously. It's ridiculous how much better I felt after this!

Saturday we took our team to Woodward Park in Frenso. It was a super tough race. It was hot & hilly, but most of them survived! I ran 6.2 miles in the morning and did another 6 while running around and cheering my team on.

Sunday we took the kids to Magic Mountain
And bought this sweet ride for the hubs 
It was a fun, crazy busy weekend! 

This week will mostly be tapering for Nike and working on 8 hours of sleep each night and properly fueling.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Team Bonding

15 days until the Nike run! I am starting to get nervous, then again that could be because I'm running a local 1/2 tomorrow! I haven't done an actual race since I ruptured my plantar fascia in January.

This week was a crazy hard running week. Monday was 6.5 miles of hills and heat, Tuesday was biking, Wednesday speed around the track. I was so hot I had to lay on the bathroom floor for a few minutes and I was starving so I had this ginormous salad for dinner.
Thursday was more biking during my xc kids' long run.
Darn it, I forgot my sunscreen
Friday was speed around the track and I took it a bit easy since I'm running the 1/2 this weekend. Today our team did a 5k color obstacle run.

And of course we had to go to lunch afterwards :) This was such a fun team bonding experience and the group not only gave us a discount, they called out our team several times and had the kids help them. The topper of the day may have been when a teenager (not my xc kid) asked me if I was a senior at the school I teach at. Hahaha.

Race Recap

I ran Judgement Day today. This is the 2nd time I've ran this race. And I PR'd by over 9 minutes! I came in 40th out of 617 people, 6th female, and 1st female in my age group!
Yesterday, my team and I did a 5k color obstacle run so that was sort of my shakeout run. Last night was our friend's 40th b-day, so we had to join him! I was a little worried about having a beer, but I stayed pretty good with a turkey burger. I won't mention the truffle fries. Whew. I got up 2 hours before my run and had 24oz of water and a cup of coffee. Thankfully, I took care of business before leaving for the race. My sweet hubby dropped me off and then met me around mile 10 at the top of a massive hill with the kiddos and these signs
He got some cool pics 
I used a gu about 10 minutes prior to the run and again at about mile 9. 
Mostly negative splits and I bet you can guess where the hills were!
I am beyond proud of those last few miles! I took my own advice I give my kids about thinking only positive thoughts and using my arms when my legs got tired.

My best compliment of the day (and maybe ever) was the guy at the end of the race who came up to me and said that he worked really hard to catch up to me and just couldn't do it. 

And now it's time for football, a yummy chicken and avocado salad, and some rest and rolling out these muscles!