Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Life of a Runner

Today was repeats 200, 400, 800 repeated 5 times. I made it except for the last 800 because we ran out of time. 
+ a 1 mile warm up.

It left me feeling like 
I seriously laid on my bathroom floor for about 15 minutes before showering and then I ate a frozen banana.
I swear this is the best ever snack after a tough run.

This is what I saw when I walked into my closet today
Haha, I must run or something.

How many shows doe you rotate through? I am rotating through about 3 and I have 2 pairs that I am just wearing around to break in a little.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Holy Hills, Batman

We took our team out to Hart Park and ran 6.5 miles of hills in 94 degree weather. Whew! I am glad that's done. It was fun to push and challenge the kids. I keep trying to remind them (and myself) that this is the way to get better. When you're tired and hot and you continue to push through, this is when your body and mind transform.

This is race week for me! I race on Sunday, so beginning Thursday I will take out leafy green veggies and focus on hydration and complex carbs.

I will probably bike the kids long run with them on Thursday so I don't overuse my legs :)

And today is national coffee day!! The hubs is seriously the best. I always feel lost when he's out of town or gone before me in the morning because he always makes my morning coffee for me. 

I would love to know what other runners eat during and following race week! 

Does anyone else deal with IBS?

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Weekend Fun

My sis in love took the kiddos to a movie Friday night so the hubs and I checked out a new wine & grill bar. The turkey burger and truffle fries were amazeballs. 

Saturday, I was up early for my 12 mile run and the hubs was headed to a Google for educators seminar. The kids and I got donuts, salted caramel for the win! 
And then we found Braden's bday gift! 
Then pedicures with the sweet girlies
And yes, I had to ask him to not scrub off my calluses! 

Then we were off to Fright Nights at Magic Mountain. All Braden wanted for his birthday is to go through the mazes and scare zones! Crazy boy. He did really well until he got too tired around 10:30. 
We got home crazy late and woke up to this stalker.
My week in running:
More running is happening this week. We have hill repeats Monday, easy Tuesday, tempo Wed, long run (I may bike this one since I'm running a 1/2 this weekend) and sprint repeats on Friday.

And now we are off to church, family BBQ, and football! Happy Sunday!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tuesday Tangents

I had to take Mady girl to the ortho after practice today without a shower. I am so sorry to all the people sitting next to me in the waiting room.
I cannot wait to take a shower!!

My view at lunch: 
You mean everyone doesn't work through all of their lunches? This is probably why I scarf my food!

#5 cracked me up! The kids had to write a simile.
I swear it's 90% genetics and 10% running and squats.

3.25 easy run before race day tomorrow. That's if you can call running at 3pm in 100 degree heat easy.

Homemade pizzas for dinner and bible study tonight. Yay!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Be Coachable

Whew! It feels like this has been the busiest two weeks of my life! I decided to put my name in the hat for co-department chair, because I like to torture myself with extra work and meetings :-P And I got the job! I am truly grateful and excited, just not entirely sure how to squeeze everything in. As a matter of fact, I missed my first meeting this afternoon because of xc practice.

Last week started a little rough: B Man was super sick 
He seems to be feeling much better and he's super excited to start football with Lukey and Mady is starting volleyball.

Friday night was homecoming :)

Saturday was an xc meet and all of our kids did better than the previous week, so that's a win in my book!

These kids make my heart swell.
It's not quite fall weather here (100 today!) but Sunday football makes it feel like fall.
I signed up for another 1/2 marathon on 10/4, so 2 days of speed work, and 2 long runs and 1 easy day. I don't usually do 2 long runs but my xc kids are up to 8 miles and I need an 11 miler. I thought about adding 3 miles to my long run with the kids, but I felt dead after practice.

This week goals:
Monday: speed, 400, 400, 800, 1600, 800. 7:00/mi.
Tuesday: easy 40 min.
Wed: 5 pace
Thurs: 3 
Fri: speed, 8 X 400 (1:30), 30 sec rest
Sat: 12 miles

2.) Finish grading 3 periods of essays (I HATE grading essays!)

3.) Find time for date night with my gorgeous lover!

And lastly, we are working on focusing on being in the right mind set while we run and being coachable.


Friday, September 11, 2015


We had to put our first baby, Zipper, down about three weeks ago. 
We got our chihuahua girl as a gift from my dad, which made her even more special. She was 15 years old and my heart still breaks a little. In the meantime, we are spoiling our other 2 as much as possible. 
I mentioned that coaching and running are making me faster and stronger, and honestly I am so glad to have such a positive thing to focus on. 

Sprints last Friday.
And I averaged a 7:45 pace for 6.2 miles, which is crazy fast for me :) I also had perfect negative splits, which always makes me happy! 

The kids have another race tomorrow morning and I am pumped that they will not have to run in 100 degree weather!

And tonight I plan on celebrating a great end to our week! 


We are in our 4th week of XC season and it's been wonderful/a beast/the hardest thing ever! Running in 95+ degree weather 4 days a week and 1 early morning worth of sprints + a long run on the weekend = getting faster! Trying to explain how mental running is to 14-18 year kids is interesting. We had our first meet on Wednesday and I could definitely tell the kids who figured out how to push past the pain. The overall winner was from another school and he ran a 15:05 for a 3 mile course. Our school winner was 16:11. He dry heaved a good portion of the race but as soon as he could talk, the first thing he said was "I am breaking 15 this year." I couldn't be more proud of him. There is nothing better than watching a kid push through. 
Did I mention our race was pushed back due to our 105 degree weather? It was still in the hundreds when most of our kids ran. I saw kids scream, pass out, one had a bloody nose. It was a tough day, but they all survived!!