Saturday, August 15, 2015

Silentish Saturday

Trying contacts
This is happening!
Plans for tonight
I adore our neighbor's cat, Wall-E.
And my week in running

Thursday, August 6, 2015


We went on a 7 day cruise that left from Seattle and went through Tracy Arm Fjord to Skagway, Alaska, Juneau, Alaska, and Ketchikan, Alaska and finished off with an evening in Victoria B.C.
Tracy Arm Fjord had beautiful water and an insane glacier. We also saw whales, mountain goats, and a bald eagle.
We visited sled dogs, went gold panning, and went into a room that was 40 below in Skagway.
And then we dropped off the kids and went back out to ride scooters! It was a blast!
Our next stop was Juneau and we rented vans and visited Mendenhall Glacier and the salmon hatchery.
We only had a short time in Ketchikan so we walked around the port and in Victoria we walked downtown and caught a cab back. The sunset and fisherman's wharf were beautiful.
After our cruise we decided to road trip down the west coast. We made it about 15 hours before we decided to just get home the quickest way. The Oregon coastline was superb.
I managed to run every day on the cruise except for the day that we arrived back in Seattle. It was all treadmill running, which was quite interesting when the ship was moving.