Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Portland & Seattle

We hit up Voodoo donuts and did some shopping/walking around downtown Portland.
I hit up a trail around a golf course with a 2 mile loop. It was beautiful and the path had wood chips and was quite hilly.
Then we were on our way to Seattle. Traffic is crazy here! The next morning I got up and hit a trail around Northacres Park. It was supposed to be .995 miles long but it was a really strange trail and I couldn't quite figure out exactly where to go but it was pretty.
Then we headed out to the Freemont District 
Then we headed to Pike's Place Market. We only stayed for a short bit because the amount of people are astronomical. It was a good step day :)
We took the kiddos to an IMAX 3D movie, Ant-Man. It was a blast.

The next morning I found a new trail, Green Lake Park. This was a 3 mile loop around a lake. It was dirt/gravel and a couple of spots were paved. It was gorgeous!
We had Top Pot Doughnuts and coffee this morning. I'm so glad that I have a hubby who is happy to share with me so that I could try several different doughnuts. We got a blueberry fritter, a salted caramel, and a chocolate old fashioned. I think the chocolate was my fav, but there were all delicious. Now we are finishing up laundry and heading out for our Alaskan cruise!

Friday, July 24, 2015

St. George, UT

Firstly, St. George is gorgeous! The mountains are full of all sorts of colors and shapes. Secondly, the hiking was stupendous. Thirdly, it was hot! We spent quite a bit of time in the pool. Our departure was delayed by a day so we arrived Monday around lunchtime. We ate and headed out for Kanarra Falls, which is similar to the narrows in Zion but much less populated. I think we saw about 20 people during our hike. I would assume we hiked about 4-5 miles round trip and ended here
This was on the way back down the mountain
The coral dirt was beautiful. Apparently this color due to the high concentration of iron.

The next day we hiked Angels Landing in Zion. Well, the kids and I hiked to the 2 mile turn around and the hubs went the last 1/2 mile over the treacherous rock.
We also hiked weeping rock. The water sifts through the rocks over the course of 1000 years and it appears to rain from the rocks

On Wednesday, I did a quick 5 mile run near the hotel. My stomach was some kind of angry at me and I was extremely thankful for a beautiful running path with restrooms! Then we hit up a bouldering park 
And we checked out down town & ate at Cafe Rio. The tortillas were to die for and the salad was bigger than my head.

Thursday morning the hubs and I did a trail run directly behind our hotel 
It was beautiful and went great until I took a nasty tumble right after our turn around point
And 7 hours later we are back home in our cozy beds! 

Monday, July 20, 2015

And We're Off!

Last week's running was a little weird because I rolled my ankle on Saturday and had my hair straightened on Monday, which means no clips/water for 48 hours and no washing for 72 hours, so I didn't run Sun-Tues and only did a quick hot afternoon run on Wednesday.
I'm trying to acclimate to the hot weather for xc practice that starts on 8/17. I've done 2 hot afternoon runs. During the 1st, my legs felt like lead and my lungs were burning but then when I ran the next day, I felt a million times better!

 We leave for our cruise next weekend, so I'm trying to eat pretty clean until then :)
We got a Blendtec blender and it's pretty awesome. I am digging this cilantro avocado yogurt dressing!

I was a hot sweaty mess after my treadmill run. The nice thing about the treadmill is that I feel 100% comfortable in my sports bra!

We took the kiddos (plus an extra) to see Tomorrowland it was really fun. I love dollar theaters!

And now we're off to Utah :) We plan on conquering this while we are here...

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Beach Trip

Our friends recently moved to the coast and we were lucky enough to spend a few days with them. We boogy boarded and read some great books. We also hiked and of course ran :)
That's my boy rock climbing!
I rolled my ankle just a bit running back down Bishop's Peak, nothing a few days of rest didn't fix, thank goodness!

We played a game of beanboozled today. I got dog food. Ugh! 
And my week in running:

Monday, July 6, 2015

Weekly Running & July 4th

I am so disappointed that I didn't take more pics this weekend. We spent our 4th with my parents, sister and brother and their spouses, the hubs' mom and dad and our niece. Both of our dads are in declining health and I keep having this overwhelming sense that this could our last time to spend this kind of time with our dads. We shopped, ate fresh pastries, watched a parade, swam and watched an awesome firework show from behind our hotel. 

Here's the early morning view from the condo. It cleared up beautifully right around 11am.
Danish waffle
Goats in the parade. There was another group that was being shepherded by a dog and that was pretty cool. 
And Nana holding Rosslyn's head the whole way home.
Our youngest threw up on the way home too. Fun times.

Running totals for the week:
20.5 total. Shorter than last week but tougher runs :)