Sunday, October 4, 2015

Team Bonding

15 days until the Nike run! I am starting to get nervous, then again that could be because I'm running a local 1/2 tomorrow! I haven't done an actual race since I ruptured my plantar fascia in January.

This week was a crazy hard running week. Monday was 6.5 miles of hills and heat, Tuesday was biking, Wednesday speed around the track. I was so hot I had to lay on the bathroom floor for a few minutes and I was starving so I had this ginormous salad for dinner.
Thursday was more biking during my xc kids' long run.
Darn it, I forgot my sunscreen
Friday was speed around the track and I took it a bit easy since I'm running the 1/2 this weekend. Today our team did a 5k color obstacle run.

And of course we had to go to lunch afterwards :) This was such a fun team bonding experience and the group not only gave us a discount, they called out our team several times and had the kids help them. The topper of the day may have been when a teenager (not my xc kid) asked me if I was a senior at the school I teach at. Hahaha.

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