Monday, October 19, 2015

Nike Women's 1/2

We drove up to San Fran early Saturday morning and made a little detour in Gilroy (they have a Lulu outlet!). Once we got to San Fran, we checked in and went to get our race packets, then we literally ran to dinner a mile away so that we wouldn't miss our dinner reservation. 
Pasta and bread for the win!

Sunday, the alarm was set for 4:50. I like to get up, drink a full glass of water, drink coffee and have a small snack (1/4 of a pb sandwich). Then we headed to the bag check and start line @ 6:00. The gun sounded at 6:30am. It took about 4 minutes to get to the start line.

It was a tough run. My head wasn't quite in the game. Doubts crept in. I didn't feel like myself until mile 5. Then I realized that I could do this. From there on out, it was positive thinking and mantras! 

The course map, along with my gps said we went 13.43 miles, which means I technically ran a 1:44, but who's counting? ;) I also had to make a pit stop (boo!!)

Our view at the finish line! Mile 10 was wicked, but this view from atop the mountain made it worth it. And there were tons of pacers motivating and helping people make it up the hill! 
I am hoping that I have figured out some of my crazy stomach issues. I ate mostly bland food (and pasta) on Saturday and I made sure to hydrate during my run and as soon as I was finished I downed a chocolate milk, banana, and LOTS of water. I am thrilled to say that my tummy did so much better than after my last race. I really think the fueling and hydrating right after made a huge difference.

Then we walked 2.7 miles back to our hotel. Eek.
The finisher's village was awesomesauce and I walked away completely full! 

Then we did a bit more shopping and eating. Thai food for the win and yay to this super cool Nathan water bottle I found! 

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