Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Back At It

I did an easy run yesterday, 3.25 @ 8:18. My legs were super heavy, but it felt great to move them! 

Yesterday was extremely hard to push through! 
This sums up how I felt ALL day. I think I'm just lacking sleep from traveling and having a busy weekend. But how cute is my Nike sweatshirt?!

I was able to download my race pics, for free! The bad part was that my bib was pushed to the side so I had to sift through thousands of pictures to find mine. And let's be real, I had to crop all of them because I had major crotch sweat going on. Eww and TMI.

And I may never take off my necklace!
I am doing an ornament craft for A Meaningful Christmas so I am responsible for "Go and Tell." I like the idea of making shepherds out of cupcake liners but I can't imagine making 25 of them, so it might be printouts, wood, and modge podge.
Happy Wednesday!

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