Friday, September 11, 2015


We are in our 4th week of XC season and it's been wonderful/a beast/the hardest thing ever! Running in 95+ degree weather 4 days a week and 1 early morning worth of sprints + a long run on the weekend = getting faster! Trying to explain how mental running is to 14-18 year kids is interesting. We had our first meet on Wednesday and I could definitely tell the kids who figured out how to push past the pain. The overall winner was from another school and he ran a 15:05 for a 3 mile course. Our school winner was 16:11. He dry heaved a good portion of the race but as soon as he could talk, the first thing he said was "I am breaking 15 this year." I couldn't be more proud of him. There is nothing better than watching a kid push through. 
Did I mention our race was pushed back due to our 105 degree weather? It was still in the hundreds when most of our kids ran. I saw kids scream, pass out, one had a bloody nose. It was a tough day, but they all survived!!

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