Monday, July 6, 2015

Weekly Running & July 4th

I am so disappointed that I didn't take more pics this weekend. We spent our 4th with my parents, sister and brother and their spouses, the hubs' mom and dad and our niece. Both of our dads are in declining health and I keep having this overwhelming sense that this could our last time to spend this kind of time with our dads. We shopped, ate fresh pastries, watched a parade, swam and watched an awesome firework show from behind our hotel. 

Here's the early morning view from the condo. It cleared up beautifully right around 11am.
Danish waffle
Goats in the parade. There was another group that was being shepherded by a dog and that was pretty cool. 
And Nana holding Rosslyn's head the whole way home.
Our youngest threw up on the way home too. Fun times.

Running totals for the week:
20.5 total. Shorter than last week but tougher runs :)

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