Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Portland & Seattle

We hit up Voodoo donuts and did some shopping/walking around downtown Portland.
I hit up a trail around a golf course with a 2 mile loop. It was beautiful and the path had wood chips and was quite hilly.
Then we were on our way to Seattle. Traffic is crazy here! The next morning I got up and hit a trail around Northacres Park. It was supposed to be .995 miles long but it was a really strange trail and I couldn't quite figure out exactly where to go but it was pretty.
Then we headed out to the Freemont District 
Then we headed to Pike's Place Market. We only stayed for a short bit because the amount of people are astronomical. It was a good step day :)
We took the kiddos to an IMAX 3D movie, Ant-Man. It was a blast.

The next morning I found a new trail, Green Lake Park. This was a 3 mile loop around a lake. It was dirt/gravel and a couple of spots were paved. It was gorgeous!
We had Top Pot Doughnuts and coffee this morning. I'm so glad that I have a hubby who is happy to share with me so that I could try several different doughnuts. We got a blueberry fritter, a salted caramel, and a chocolate old fashioned. I think the chocolate was my fav, but there were all delicious. Now we are finishing up laundry and heading out for our Alaskan cruise!

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