Monday, June 29, 2015

Week In Running

This was a good running week for me. I ran with a xc coach on Tuesday and went my longest distance since January and he gave me some tips on how to better my form. I only had a tad bit of discomfort in my foot. And I got some cool new kicks
Then on Saturday, I hit the treadmill since it was over 100 degrees with the intention of doing between 6-7 but I felt so great that I decided on 8. Once I got to 8, I thought I'm only 2 miles away from 10. I have a love/hate relationship with the treadmill so to make it more interesting I jogged 3 minutes at 6.7 mph, then ran 1 minute at 8.0 mph. I started on a 1 incline and did 2 rounds of switching off between jogging and running then I went up to a 2 incline, did 2 rounds on that. I continued that until I went up to a 4 incline and I peaked at 9.0 mph for my sprint and then worked back down to a 1 incline. 

Since I am a teacher and have the summer off, I have been cleaning and rearranging and I came across this sweet pic of the hubs
Yesterday, we started the week off with a trip to Hurricane Harbor and Six Flags. We were greeted by an incredible sunset as we left last night.
And my running week totals:


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