Friday, June 12, 2015

Home Sweet Home

Our plane was only delayed an hour rather than 2 this time. Ugh. It left at 7am which meant a 3:40 wake up call for us. Only Mady slept on the plane.
That is until the crying babies woke her. I watched "The Best of Me," and I recommend it!
Then we landed in LAX at 8:30 and headed to Magic Mountain for the day. 
The kids finally dozed on the way home, after 20 hours of being awake.
And now we're home! I think Dory was super excited to see us!
And now back to normal! I slept till 9 yesterday and I've kept up my running streak! 9 days, no running on traveling day but we did walk about 11 miles at Magic Mountain and then 4 treadmill miles yesterday. Today is hill day with my x-country team. Happy Friday y'all!

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