Friday, June 19, 2015

15th Anniversary :)

The hubs and I went to Napa for our anniversary. It was the first time there for both of us. We started at Castello di Amarosa, which is a castle that was built in 2007. It took 12 years to build and a lot of the materiels were brought in from Italy. It cost 41 million just in materials. 
Then we went to Sterling Winery and road a gondola up the mountain. There was some amazing views.
We had delicious Thai food for dinner and of course some wine ;)

The following day was our actual anniversary so we woke up at 5am and got ready for our hot air balloon ride. I gave the hubs 15 gifts starting at 5am and then continuing every hour until 7pm. Most of the gifts were small like chocolate and Chapstick :) I was scared that I would be terrified on the balloon but it was amazing and I wasn't anxious at all!
We finished with brunch and champagne. This was an unforgettable bucket list item and I whole heartedly recommend it, even for people who are deathly afraid of heights like me ;) 

We headed back to the hotel for a 5 mile run and some relaxing by the pool. Then we headed to Kendall Jackson for a flight. Their grounds were beautiful and the wine was good. Next we went to Korbel for a snack and some champagne tasting. The tasting was free and super yummy. 
Then we hit Cattlemen's for dinner. 
The food was great, the service was terrible. Honestly, that was probably our only negative experience on our trip.

The next morning we ran 4 miles, hit the pool, and headed home. We got to eat at Freebirds on the way home (yay!!) I could have definitely stayed a bit longer. It was an amazing trip!

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