Saturday, April 4, 2015


I'm still not back to running :( The most I have ran is 4 miles but with a break in between each mile and had pain the following day. I finally got my orthotics (doctor's office forgot to order them!) and I decided to do PT, even though my doc thought I would be fine without it. He's right that my foot is healing but I don't ever want this to happen ever again! 

We started spring break with the wedding of the hubs' former student and our best babysitter ever. If her wedding is any indication of how much I will cry at my own kids' wedding then they are in for it! 
We then spent two days with my folks at the cabin followed by 3 days at the beach with our friends. 
And of course we had to feed the animals at Avila Barn
And we ate at Firestone and got ice creams at Docs before heading home.
I am not even sure what the workout plan is today, other than I am working out :) I am 3 for 5 this week even with traveling.

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