Sunday, April 19, 2015

My Week in Running

I was actually able to run twice with NO pain last week! 3 miles miles on Tuesday morning. I tried again Thursday afternoon and didn't quite make it two miles because my other foot started to hurt :( But then I made it 4 miles on Saturday at a reasonable speed (8:45). 

My running coach told me to act like I'm an obese runner trying to lose weight. Ha. I think what he means is, take it slow.

I bought two pairs of orthotic sandals and they are not ugly!
We got to celebrate my sweet nephew's 2nd birthday yesterday! 

I even wore them for date night last night. We went to watch our friend's band play and then to watch Insurgent. Fun times. And my hair was on point. I'm finally at that age where I am looking for a bit more coverage in my makeup, but at the same time, everything makes me break out. Ugh.
I see my podiatrist tomorrow and I'm 95% sure he's going to release me! 

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