Wednesday, February 25, 2015

No running :(

My last run was on 1/31/15 and I PR'd a 1/2 marathon. But, in the process I tore my plantar fascia. I had an MRI about 2 weeks ago and I was finally able to meet with my doctor. He gave me a few different options and he felt shock wave therapy would give me the best results. Unfortunately it's not covered by insurance but it's the most effective and least invasive. It's also crazy painful. I've had one treatment so far and it was maybe the worst 4 minutes of my life. Only 2 more treatments to go. He's hoping I can start running in 4-6 weeks after I get comfortable with my orthotics. Here's a video about shockwave therapy. 

In the meantime, I can do anything that doesn't pound my feet. I did kickboxing yesterday and I tore up my shins and knuckles. Sheesh. I can't win for losing.

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