Friday, January 16, 2015

This Happened

It's been crazy busy around these parts. I picked up an extra class over Christmas Break, so no more prep time during the day for me. I may have even fallen asleep twice after work this week... 

My foot is still a little angry. Some days are better than others, but I have a new motivation for running!
So far, I love this baby! My top 3 fave features are: 1. The backlight stays on! This is awesome for running in the dark. 2. It automatically syncs with my phone. 3. I can set an alert to tell me if I am going too fast or too slow. And yeah, one more! I can program my intervals into it. 

We did an adventure run last night with our local shoe store! So fun, and B Man won the raffle :)
The hubs and I have 12 miles tomorrow and this is definitely on my play list 
Then it's off to Magic Mountain with the littles!

Have a fun weekend y'all!!

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